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Echoes Sun Patterns (Santorini) Five Clouds Portal Old Bottles (Tuscany) Sand Patterns Labyrinth Waterline Beneath the Waves Art in Strange Places Marsh Reeds Dune Drama Pelicans at Dusk Once Upon a Time Shadows    Turquoise Door Dreams First Light (Venice) Slipping into Evening Reverie (Venice)  Impressions Lamego Cathedral Symphony in Blue Spices LA Tall Lichen Burst Time Passing Desert Solitude Irish Curracks Silent Stories    Autumn Lichen Day's End Andean Mist Young Girl (Himba) Solitary Splendor French Country Chapel Lonely Violin (Siena) Resolute Turquoise Ribbon Shaft of Light (S.Croce, Florence) Salt Flats, Death Valley Tuscan Lane in Mist Face of Languedoc Memento Mori (from Recoleta series) Frosted Trees

Barbara French Pace

painter and photographer

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In Belize
In Belize